General Class Racing Rules

Gears, tires, wheels, axles, pickups, springs, guide pin can be replaced with high performance parts unless otherwise specified.

Brass Class: ceramic motor magnets, minimum 6.0 ohm armature, any front tires, any gears and any rear tires.  The typical brass weights
for a T-Cat, BSRT G3 or Wizz Storm must be used.

Super Stock: ceramic motor and traction magnets, minimum 6.0 ohm armature, any tires wheels and gears.

Modified: Ceramic motor magnets, polymer traction magnets, minimum 3.0 ohm arm.

Compression Molded Polymer Bonded:  We use HOPRA rules for this class.  Click Here to see these rules.  You need to install Adobe Reader to view the rulebook.

Restricted Open: polymer motor and traction magnets, no more than 4 magnets and no BB hubs. Any Arm can be run.


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